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The Red Lion

Stratton Audley

About Us

The Red Lion is a warm and welcoming traditional country pub located in the quaint village of Stratton Audley. Sadly, however, we won't be welcoming you for a bit.  Since our dear departed landlord, Frank O'Neill, went to that great wine chiller in the sky, opening the pub is just a little bit more complex than simply opening the doors on April 12th. 

We hope very much to have the pub back up and running before spring ends.  But it all depends on what the government allows us to do, and we are in a state of flux until we know the eventual fate of the pub with regard to the Brewery and the Lease. Bear with us, we will do our best to bring it back to life again. 



Here at the pub we have protocols in place to allow you to enjoy the pub in the safest way while still ensuring you get that "pub" experience. On arrival to the pub we ask that you sign in and sanitise, please wear a mask when moving around the pub, take a seat and our lovely staff will be over to take your order. We'll be sticking closely to government guidelines when we do reopen. 

Right, thats the boring stuff done with, we look forward to you visiting us soon. 









Recent Renovations

Over lockdown there was an incredible and impressive amount of clearing, cleaning, demolition, rebuilding, and painting work by locals who have generously given their time and expertise completely free of charge. The lovely but tired old pub had quite a massive overhaul and it's a lovely place to sit and pass the time.  There's more to be done, of course, but we can't thank the team of volunteers enough for helping to get pub ready for this new chapter. 


A Note to our Customers 

We can't wait to welcome you into The red lion, be it your first visit or your local drinking hole. We would like to remind all our visitors that parking is on the road side so we would appreciate you being respectful to the villagers by making sure you car is parked as close to the kerb as possible to allow plenty of space for cars, emergency vechiles and at this time of the year, large agricultural machinery to pass. Many thanks for your co-oporation. 


Church Street, Stratton Audley, OX27 9AG


Please look at food timetable for pub opening hours. 


Stratton Audley

01869 277225

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