Once again, the courtyard of the Red Lion will thrill to the sound of the best of British Cabaret.  Kit & McConnel, stalwarts - nay, legends - of the London West End and the Edinburgh Festival, have bravely agreed to come and sing for us.  

Be there!  

email me for tickets


Or pop in and tell Sapphy you want tickets and leave your name and email address so I can send you details.  


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Rugby Stadium

Rugby - British & Irish Lions v South Africa
Saturdays 24th & 31st July, 7th August 


Two TVs

Much shouting

Quite a lot of beer

Nailbiting stuff

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Yes, we're having another TTT!   (Table Tennis Tournament.)  Possibly the last of the year, one never knows about autumn weather. 

5th September.  £5 to enter.  And after discussing the last one with various entrants and watchers, we've decided to go with the advice and give the lot to the church for upkeep.  There will of course be a prize - a bottle of Prosecco to the winner and a bottle of wine to the runner up.  But my chums assure me that always offering a cash prize would change it from being a gentle, charming and hilarious village get-together, and that really is the point of it, don't you think?

And to ensure that we get double the fun, this time there will be a doubles tournament as well!  If you want to enter both, your £5 covers both.  

Lovely roast!-2.jpg

8th August

...with all the trimmings... !

Menu yet to be confirmed but this is the sort of thing!

Beef £17.50

Pork £15.00

Pudding £5.00

Cafetière for 2 £5.00

And of course we cater for all intolerances and dietary preferences.  We just don't put them on the menu because the call for them is quite small, and we hate the idea of wasting good food. 

So please do call and book if you have any special requirements.

01869 277225

12pm till 4pm

Coffee morning!

£2.50 per head - every Thursday morning at 11pm.  

This is back by popular demand - and it's a lovely way to socialise.